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Andrea Kelley

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Join Our Pack of Passionate Experts and Transform Your Life. 🐶🌟

Unlocking Canine Excellences

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential

Join Our Pack of Passionate Experts and Transform Your Life. 🐶🌟

Legacy of Expertise:

From founder Nancy Baer to her daughters and granddaughter, our team boasts decades of collective experience in dog training and care.

Passion-Driven Approach:

We’re not just trainers; we’re lifelong dog lovers committed to enhancing the lives of both pets and their human companions.

Tailored Excellence:

With a blend of wisdom, compassion, and cutting-edge techniques, we tailor our services to unlock each dog’s full potential. 🐾❤️e

“From Frustration to Transformation:

Our Generations of Expertise Make the Difference.”🐾🌟

“Where Others Stumble, We Excel: Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with Our Proven Legacy.”🐶❤️

Generations of Expertise

Diverse Skills and Roles

Passion for Canine Excellence

Client-Centric Approach

Comprehensive Training Backgrounds

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“Andrea: A Lifelong Canine Enthusiast and Accomplished Trainer”

Andrea is a passionate and highly skilled dog trainer. With over 20 years of professional experience, she is an expert in dog training, both for furry friends and their owners.

She started learning how to train dogs at a young age by observing her mother, Nancy, who is a professional dog trainer.

Andrea's success in showing dogs in 4-H and AKC competitions started in elementary school and has continued to this day.

She has extensive experience in training dogs with various behavior issues, from basic manners to severe aggression.

Andrea is also a certified CGC Evaluator through AKC and has worked with Summit Assistance Dogs to raise, train, and evaluate service dogs for the disabled. She has been instrumental in developing a service dog program through A Canine Experience Inc.


In addition to her experience in dog training, Andrea holds an Associate in Technical Art Business Management Degree from Edmonds Community College.

She has also put titles on multiple dogs, including her Belgian Sheepdogs Casper, Spirit, and Finn. Currently, she is working with her Dutch Shepherd, Brennen, in agility competitions and has recently welcomed a new addition to her furry family, a Mudi named Danica.


Andrea's vast knowledge and experience in dog training make her an expert in her field. She is confident in her abilities to help dogs and their owners overcome behavioral issues and achieve their full potential.

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“Generations of Women,

Paws of Excellence: A Canine Experience Inc.”

In the heart of Snohomish, a remarkable legacy unfolds.

A Canine Experience Inc. (ACE), founded by Nancy Baer in 1995, thrives under the stewardship of three generations of women. Nancy’s daughter, Andrea Kelley, and granddaughter, Autumn Baer, embarked on their dog training journeys as teenagers within ACE’s nurturing walls.

But the tale doesn’t end there.

Trina Eddy, Nancy’s daughter and Autumn’s mother, began honing her canine expertise at just 15 years old, working with a major training facility. After a detour into financial planning, she returned to her true passion, launching her own venture, “The Canine Chauffeur,” before merging forces with ACE.

Jessica Brill, another of Nancy’s daughters, transitioned from part-time ACE work to full-time commitment, leaving behind her accounting career.

These five women share a common upbringing—caring for, handling, and training animals. They cut their teeth in 4-H, learning from the best: Nancy Baer herself. When Nancy retired in 2009, she entrusted ACE to her daughters and granddaughter, who have since become the go-to dog training experts in the Snohomish area.

And let’s not forget Lauren Redford, the non-family member who rounds out the ACE staff. Her dog training prowess and owner-like dedication make her an integral part of this extraordinary team. Together, they find boundless joy in enhancing the lives of both dogs and their human companions. 🐾❤️

Trina R Eddy: A Canine Visionary and Compassionate Trainer

As co-owner and Vice President of A Canine Experience, Inc., Trina Eddy is at the heart of this dynamic dog boarding and training facility. Her daily involvement spans a wide spectrum: from training dogs and educating owners to teaching obedience classes, instructing aspiring trainers, conducting behavioral evaluations, and overseeing office operations and marketing initiatives.

Trina’s passion for animals ignited early—she began training dogs in 1987 at a specialized facility focused on rehabilitating severe behavior issues. Her youth was steeped in FFA and 4-H involvement, where she honed her skills caring for various animals, including horses, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits, and poultry.

Under the tutelage of Nancy Baer, renowned as the trainer of trainers and an author, Trina has co-presented numerous informational seminars for groups, shelters, rescues, and fosters. Her commitment to education extends to specialized workshops, mentoring aspiring trainers, and staying abreast of cutting-edge techniques through ongoing training and seminars.

Since 2005, Trina has been a guiding force at A Canine Experience, teaching group classes and private lessons. Her recent innovation—a membership-based program—offers enhanced participation, more training opportunities, and a broader spectrum of learning. Beyond obedience, Trina’s passion lies in scent work, where she trains dogs to detect allergens, physiological changes in people, humans and personal items. Her dedication continues to transform lives, one paw at a time. 🐾🌟

Lead or Be Led 2.0- the Guide to ACE Training

Authored by Trina R. Eddy, Instructor, Owner, and Trainer at A Canine Experience

Community Dog Training Facility Helps Rescue Dogs Prepare for Their Forever Homes with Free Seminars

Offered by Trina R Eddy and Nancy Baer

“Autumn: From Ribbons to Rescue—A Canine Journey”

Autumn’s love affair with dogs ignited under the watchful eye of her grandmother, Nancy Baer, founder of “A Canine Experience Inc.” She absorbed every nuance, from dog training sessions to behavioral evaluations, and lent a helping hand in caring for and training these loyal companions.

Her official training career commenced at the tender age of 7, when she took on a problem Sheltie named Chevy as her 4-H project. With determination, Autumn transformed Chevy into a ribbon-laden success story. As she aged, she tackled new 4-H challenges, including an English Bulldog that defied expectations.

High school found Autumn working at “A Canine Experience Inc.” while completing the Dog Trainers Course. Assisting her Aunt Andrea in training and socializing service dogs further fueled her passion. Post-graduation, she immersed herself in the family business, now serving as an owner and Secretary on the Board of Directors.

Transitioning from 4-H, Autumn embraced AKC dog shows, earning titles across confirmation, obedience, rally, herding, and agility. Her experience extended to fostering dogs for Woof Project Rescue, honing her skills in managing and training dogs with diverse temperaments and behavior issues.

As a CGC evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test, Autumn continues to champion responsible dog ownership. She’s also completed courses in Pet First Aid and Veterinary Assistance.

Enter Bluie, the highly driven Belgian Sheepdog—a project that blends socialization, confidence building, and unwavering dedication. When Bluie refused to leave, Autumn’s answer was a resounding yes. Together, they epitomize the bond between trainer and canine companion. 🐾🌟

“Jessica: An avid lover of animals and skilled dog trainer"

Jessica developed a passion for showing and training dogs when she received a challenging Golden Retriever puppy, Casey, for her 10th birthday. She soon began showing Casey competitively in 4-H where they acquired numerous top awards including State Grand Champion in obedience two years in a row. She showed horses, rabbits and motorcycles in 4-H as well. Having broadened her horizons to compete in AKC events, she earned several obedience, confirmation and hunting titles. In her early teenage years, she assisted in training, building confidence and showing other persons' dogs in the confirmation ring; helping them earn points towards their titles. Her dedication and achievements in various dog-related disciplines showcase her passion and skill.

At the age of 13, Jessica started working part time at a large dog board and train facility where her mother, Nancy worked as a professional dog trainer. Jessica helped care for the dogs, shadowed Nancy and practiced training dogs. She also worked part time for her father, Ralph, doing the bookkeeping for his air compressor business.

After her teen years, Jessica went on to college and received her Administrative Assistant Degree moving on to an Accounting career for the next 25 years. In her early 20's, Jessica also started working part time at A Canine Experience in addition to her accounting job, eventually retiring from accounting and joining the family's business full time training dogs.

Jessica has owned many dogs and other pets over the years. She currently has her dog, Trooper, a husky/pit mix and her cat Pumba. She enjoys teaching her dog Agility, Fitpaw and Scent work.

Jessica has completed the Dog Trainers Course, Pet 1st Aid, attended seminars and has more than 20 years experience caring for and handling dogs. She is drawn towards working with shy, timid dogs and enjoys watching their confidence grow as she trains them. Jessica is a skilled dog trainer, continuously striving to expand her knowledge of training dogs and teaching their owners. Her passion for animals and expertise in dog training makes her a valuable asset in the world of canine companionship.

“Lauren: Guiding Paws, Transforming Lives”

From a tender age, Lauren’s heart beat in rhythm with animals, particularly horses. Her journey intertwined with 4-H, where she began competing and learning at just 8 years old. But her true passion lay in training animals—a dream she nurtured since her teenage years.

High school saw Lauren competing for Snohomish County 4-H alongside her childhood horse, Hunter. The accolades flowed, and she earned several top awards in her Senior age group. In 2017, Lauren stepped into the role of a kennel tech, eager to learn and contribute. Dog training quickly became her all-consuming passion.

Managing a bustling daycare with up to 25 dogs, Lauren honed her skills in handling challenging boarding dogs. Multiple rounds of the ACE dog trainer’s course enriched her knowledge over six years. She evolved into a problem solver, employing diverse approaches to achieve training objectives.

Her talents extend beyond dogs themselves—Lauren empowers owners to communicate effectively with their furry companions. Seeking fresh perspectives, she attends seminars by trainers whose methods have left a positive imprint on dog training techniques.

Outside the training arena, Lauren’s 2-year-old pit mix, Benny, joins her in agility group classes. Meanwhile, her 7-year-old American Bully, Betsy, thrives on canine fitness, obedience, and playful interactions.

Problem-Solving Solutions

Our team excels at handling challenging cases. Whether it’s bad manners or serious aggression, we persevere, employing diverse techniques to achieve positive outcomes.

Personalized Training

Effective Communication

Holistic Approach

Community Connection

Lifetime Learning

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