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Fun, Fun and More Fun

Pawsitive Foundations

Group Classes

The program begins with private training to establish a solid foundation tailored to you and your dog’s specific needs.

Once you’re ready, you can join Group Trainings, which occur three times a week.

These group classes focus on practical exercises, games, and fun activities to enhance your dog’s skills, manage distractions, and make training an enjoyable experience.

The best part?

Members can start immediately upon approval, without waiting for the next series of classes. 🐾🐶

Come and play—the fun awaits!

Reactive Dog Class

🐾 If you’re a dog owner facing challenges with a reactive pup, our Reactive Dog Classes are here to support you.

These classes are specifically designed for dogs who have completed a board and train, day train, or private lesson package. When both you and our skilled trainers agree that your furry friend is ready, they can step into a controlled, small group setting.


In these classes, we’ll focus on building confidence and positive behaviors. Your dog will learn valuable skills to manage their reactions around other dogs and people while on a leash. 🐶🌟

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey! Our team is dedicated to helping you and your dog thrive.

Together, we’ll transform those challenging moments into rewarding progress. 🐕💪

Structured Puppy Socials

Structured Puppy Socials provide a fantastic foundation for your furry companion.

Beyond just playtime, we focus on socialization and
obedience. These sessions are designed to give your puppy a solid foundation.

Our goal? To create a well-rounded, attentive pup with an “off switch.” 🐶🌟

Sessions start and end at the car, and you can choose either Tuesday or Thursday classes. From assisting your pup out of the car to practicing calming techniques and providing enjoyable playtime we cover it all.

Whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday, we’re excited to guide you and your puppy on this pawsitive journey!

🐾Let’s create a happy, confident pup together! 🐶

Pack Walks

🐾 If you’re a dog lover in the Snohomish area and beyond, get ready for our exciting Pack Walks!

Led by experienced trainers, these walks take place at alternating locations—from charming Mill Creek to vibrant Bothell, and even scenic spots in Everett and Woodinville.

Pack Walk Schedule

Tuesdays: Unleash the adventure!

Thursdays: Let’s explore together!

And occasionally, we’ll surprise you with walks on other days (weather permitting).

These walks are open to all —

whether you’re a seasoned dog owner or a curious first-timer. Join us, meet fellow dog enthusiasts, and let’s create pawsitive memories! 🐶🌟

Get notified about times and locations by clicking below and completing the form.

PAWs & PERKs Loyalty Club

🐾PAWs & PERKs Loyalty Club:

Ready to take your dog’s training to the next level?

Once you’ve aced ACE’s foundational obedience test, you’re invited to join our exclusive club. 🌟

What to Expect:

ACE-Hosted Outings:

We organize dog-friendly adventures where you can practice your skills in real-world settings.

Positive Experiences:

From urban trail walks to beach explorations, brewery nights, and elegant tea sessions with your furry companion, we create memorable moments.

Your Ideas Matter:

Have a unique outing idea? Share it! We’re all ears.

Join the club, unleash the fun, and let’s make tails wag!


Remote Collar Training Skills Class

🐾 If you’re ready to take your dog’s training to the next level, our Remote Collar Training Skills Class is tailor-made for you.

Here’s why it’s a game-changer:

Off-Leash Control:

Imagine the freedom of having your dog respond reliably even when off-leash. Our class focuses on fine-tuning your dog’s skills using the e-collar, ensuring they stay connected and attentive.

Maximized Potential:

The e-collar allows us to tap into your dog’s full potential. From recall to impulse control, we’ll unlock abilities you didn’t know existed.

Experienced Participants:

This class is exclusively for those who’ve completed Board and Train, Day Train, or Private Lessons utilizing an e-collar. You’re in good company with fellow committed dog owners.

Join us, and let’s create a confident, well-behaved companion who thrives both on and off the leash! 🐶

K9 Fit Dog


Ready to elevate your dog’s well-being?

Our program is more than just exercise—it’s a transformative journey for your furry companion.

Here’s why you’ll love it:

Peak Physical Fitness:

Keep your dog in tip-top shape. Regular exercise enhances muscle strength, cardiovascular health, and overall vitality.

It’s like a gym membership for your pup!

Injury Prevention:

We’re all about proactive care. By participating in the K9 Fit Dog Program, your dog learns proper movement patterns, balance, and coordination.

Say goodbye to unnecessary injuries.

Mental Stimulation:

It’s not just about physical fitness. Our program engages your dog’s mind too!

Fun skills, puzzles, and challenges keep those neurons firing.

Bonding Time:

What better way to strengthen your bond than through shared activities?

As you teach your dog new skills, you’re creating lasting memories together.

Join the K9 Fit Dog Program—where health, happiness, and wagging tails collide!



Adaptable Training Methods for K9’s Dog Trainers Course

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey in the world of dog training?

Look no further!

Our ATM4K9’s Foundations for Trainers course is designed for aspiring dog trainers who crave versatility and excellence.

Here’s why it’s a game-changer:


There’s no one-size-fits-all approach in dog training. With ATM4K9’s, you’ll master a variety of techniques, tools, and methods.


Because every dog is unique, and their needs vary.

Hands-On Learning:

Get ready for a dynamic 1-year program, that immerses you in real-world scenarios. You’ll work with personal and instructor-provided dogs, gaining practical skills that set you apart.

Shadow Days:

Ever wondered what it’s like to walk in a trainer’s shoes? Our course includes shadow days with the incredible Trina R. Eddy. Observe, learn, and absorb firsthand knowledge from a seasoned pro.


Your toolkit includes a copy of the book “Lead or Be Led 2.0” (authored by Trina R. Eddy) and access to A Canine Experience’s video collection.

Consider it your treasure trove of wisdom.

Whether you dream of transforming behavior, enhancing communication, or simply reveling in the joy of working with dogs, ATM4K9’s is your compass. 🐶🌟

Let’s shape the future—one paw at a time!

🐾Autumn Baer’s Agility Classes

Unleash the thrill of agility training with Autumn Baer!

Whether you’re a seasoned handler or a newbie, her classes offer a dynamic blend of skill-building and canine camaraderie.

Here’s what makes her program pawsitively exceptional:

Obstacle Awareness:

Autumn’s classes focus onbuilding obstacle awareness. From tunnels to weave poles, A-frames to jumps, your dog will learn to navigate each challenge with finesse.

Dog/Handler Communication:

Agility is a dance between you and your dog. Autumn hones in oneffective communication—the secret sauce for seamless teamwork. Learn cues, timing, and body language that keep you both in sync.

Fluidity and Speed:

Agility is all about fluidity. Your dog will learn to flow through courses, making split-second decisions. Speed matters too! Autumn’s drills enhance your dog’s agility, making them a four-legged ninja.

Selective Participation:

Autumn is meticulous about who participates. Why? Because she’s committed to creating a supportive, focused environment. Her classes are for those who share her passion and dedication.


Physical Fitness: Agility keeps your dog fit, tones muscles, and boosts cardiovascular health.

Mental Stimulation: The mental gymnastics of agility enhance cognitive sharpness.

Bonding: You’ll forge an unbreakable bond as you conquer courses together.

Remember, agility isn’t just about winning ribbons—it’s about the joy of the journey. 🐶💨

Scent Detection Class

with Trina Eddy, Experienced K9 SAR Handler

Scent detection taps into a dog’s remarkable sense of smell, creating a stronger bond between you and your furry companion.

Here are the benefits:

Mental Stimulation Anywhere:

Engage your dog’s mind with scent work, whether indoors or outdoors.

Sharper Focus and Distraction Disengagement:

Dogs learn to concentrate on specific odors, improving focus in everyday life.

Optimism and Success:

Successfully identifying scents boosts confidence and joy.

Natural Enjoyment:

Let your dog indulge in their love for using their nose.

Calming and Relaxing:

Scent work channels energy constructively, reducing anxiety.

Now, about the class:

Objective: Teach your dog to search for people or objects using their keen sense of smell.

Fun and Rewarding: Explore your dog’s natural abilities.

Inclusive: Suitable for all breeds and mixes, from seasoned pros to curious beginners.

Workshops and Seminars

Let’s unravel the world of canine enlightenment through our captivating workshops and seminars. 🐾🌟

🌟Let me share some examples of the exciting workshops we’ve offered recently:

Scent Detection Workshop:

“Nose Knows”

Discover the fascinating world of canine olfaction! In this workshop, your furry friend will learn to sniff out hidden treasures, from truffle-scented treats to lost car keys. Unleash their inner detective and watch those nostrils twitch with excitement! 🐶👃

Building a Working Relationship with your Dog:

“Pawsitive Connections”

Forge an unbreakable bond with your four-legged companion. Our experts will guide you through trust-building exercises, effective communication techniques, and tail-wagging teamwork. Because a harmonious partnership is the key to wagging tails and happy hearts! ❤️🤝

Dog Fostering Seminar - From Scared to Prepared:

“Hearts & Homes”

Become a superhero for shelter pups! Learn how to transform a timid tail-wagger into a confident, adoptable superstar. From cozy blankets to gentle belly rubs, you’ll be their beacon of hope. 🏠🐾

Dog Daycare Safety Seminar:

“Paws & Play”

Safety first, fur-ever! From playgroup dynamics to emergency protocols, we’ve got your pup’s well-being covered. Because a happy tail is a safe tail! 🐾🚸

Field Agent Dog Safety:

“Bark Ops"

Equip agents with practical strategies to navigate encounters with dogs. From decoding canine body language to using protective barriers, we ensure their safety while on duty. 🕵️‍♂️

Cascadia Search Dog Public Outreach:

“Nose to the Ground, Hearts to the Sky”

Learn about our search-and-rescue pack! Explore the art of finding lost hikers with the help of K9 partners. 🌲🔍

Medical Alert Dog Training Workshop:

“Life-Savers Unleashed”

Nose nudges and paw taps: the language of lifesaving! Train your pup to detect medical emergencies, from low blood sugar to impending seizures. Be their human’s guardian angel! 👩‍⚕️🐾

K9 Fitness

“Paws on the Path”

Get those paws moving! From agility courses to mountain treks, we’ll keep your furry athlete in top shape. Because a healthy dog is a happy dog! 🏋️‍♀️🐶

Dog Trainers Course and Shadowing Program:

“From Leash to Leadership”

Ready to lead the pack? Dive into advanced training techniques, behavior modification, and tail-wagging diplomacy. Graduates earn a diploma in “Pawsitive Influence.” 🎓🐕

Dog 4-H Success Strategies:

“Barking Up the Right Tree”

Calling all young handlers! Learn leadership, responsibility, and how to turn a wiggly tail into a winning ribbon. Because every dog deserves their moment in the spotlight! 🌟🐾

Have a Request?

Just Ask!

That is how most of these seminars started.

Contact us about hosting a workshop or seminar for your organization.

Join the Event Notifications list to be updated about upcoming workshops and seminars hosted by A Canine Experience.

Remember, our workshops and seminars are more than just events—they’re tail-wagging adventures where curiosity meets canine camaraderie. So, whether you’re a seasoned dog whisperer or a curious pup parent, join us!

Unleashed Boutique Sip and Craft Events

A mother-daughter adventure combining their love of dogs with their love of crafts.

Let’s explore these delightful events that blend creativity, companionship, and a touch of whimsy:

🌟Let me share some examples of the exciting crafting events Autumn Baer and Trina Eddy have offered recently and are planning for the future:


Crafting with a Twist:

Unleash your inner artist while sipping on your favorite beverage. The libations flow as you weave, knot, and shape an interactive dog toy for your furry companion. It’s a win-win: you get to enjoy your drink, and your dog gets a new plaything.

Mommy and Me Afternoon Tea and Chunky Knit Infinity Scarf Crafting Fundraiser for Useless Bay Sanctuary:

Tea, Knitting, and Compassion:

Gather with fellow moms (and dads!) for a cozy afternoon tea. Sip fragrant blends, nibble on delicate treats, and engage in heartwarming conversations.

Chunky Knit Infinity Scarves:

Learn the art of chunky knitting and create a stylish infinity scarf. The best part? It’s a fundraiser for Useless Bay Sanctuary, so your crafty efforts directly support a worthy cause.

British Tea and Dog Etiquette Event with Your Dog:

Elegance Meets Canine Charm:

Picture a quintessential British tea party, complete with fine china, scones, and polite conversation. Now add your furry companion to the mix! Learn proper dog etiquette while enjoying the refined ambiance.

Brewery Night Dog Toy Crafting:

Cheers to Creativity:

Swap the teacup for a pint glass and head to a local brewery. Craft beer enthusiasts and dog lovers unite! Design dog toys while savoring hoppy brews.

Crafting Events at Breweries, Wineries and Clubs:

These venues become creative hubs where dog owners' bond over their love for crafting and canines. Cheers to paws and pints!

We’re thrilled to announce a delightful collaboration between Unleashed Boutiques and The Great British Tea Party to offer fun and creative events.

Chic and Crafty:

The Great British Tea Party and Unleashed Boutique hosts elegant tea gatherings where creativity flows freely. Combine crafting with the sophistication of a British tea affair.

Dog Etiquette:

Brush up on doggy manners while sipping Earl Grey.

Your pup will appreciate the refined behavior!

These events blend passion, purpose, and paws – a delightful combination for both humans and their furry companions. 🐾

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